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The West Coast Lock Collectors Association (WCLCA) was founded in southern California in 1978 as a very informal club for local collectors who discovered common interests.  The founders were Frank and Mary Arnall, Frank Hill, Linton Knight, Mike Pierce, Bob Hirsh, Jim Main, Chuck Morrison, Ted Davis and George Dieloff. The first lock show was held that year in the parking lot of the American Lock and Supply Company in Anaheim. The newsletter was started in the following year with Frank Arnall as editor. The stated purposes for this club were, and are, for the promotion of education, information, competition and sociability.  The association has flourished and grown through the years to its present level of about 400.  We now have members from all parts of the US, and from other countries as well. Anyone is welcome who is interested in the collection, study and history of locks, keys and related things of whatever kind. In the  application/interests  page we list a large number of interests that we have found from contacts with our members. There are many more, of course, since each collector is an individual, with very individual tastes.   

Sargent Magnetic. Invented by James Sargent, 1861.


We have seen a very great increase in the  number of lock and key collectors through the years.  Experience has shown that as many of them develop their interests, they are unaware of collector organizations and the useful information that they can provide.  The internet has provided the means to reach collectors that has never before been possible.  In this web site we hope to support them in their collecting activities and to connect them with others who share their interests.