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Contrary to the impressions of new collectors, there is a vast amount of literature on locks and keys. Unfortunately, this is a very specialized field. Works are published for a time for a small audience, and then go out of print. Thereafter, they become increasingly expensive and difficult to obtain. There is presently no mechanism for making them available on the web. Most of them are copyrighted, and cannot be simply reproduced.

The following listing is a starter set, offered as a service to lock and key collectors. It has been compiled from several collections and bibliographies, but is very far from complete. We expect to add to it as more information is obtained. Corrections and additions are welcome. The references "KCI reprint" refer to those produced by Don Stewart, Key Collectors International. Richard Chenovick has assumed the publication and sale of Don Stewarts books. Contact Richard Chenovick at rchenovick@cox.net to order books. To download a list of books that are available Click Here, the file is in Adobe Acrobat format. To obtain a free copy of Acrobat Reader Click Here.

Lock & Key References for Collectors

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