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WCLCA Publication - �The Antique Lock Collector�

We have found that the most effective means of sharing information among all members is with our quarterly publication, �The Antique Lock Collector�. This member supported publication has been developing and growing for more than 20 years, and we try to cover all topics of interest to lock collectors. The internet is speeding up the flow of information, but is not likely to replace the printed newsletter any time soon.

The quarterly publication has always been a major feature of WCLCA activities. The newsletter was started in 1979 with Frank Arnall as editor. The original name was �The West Coast Lock Collectors Newsletter.� The first newsletters were usually 4 pages and concentrated on reports of who were collecting locks and what treasures they were uncovering. The newsletter evolved and improved as the WCLCA grew under the editorship of Bob Heilemann, Lane Clark, Don Jackson and AJ Hoffman. Beginning in 2003, Don Jackson felt that the publication had evolved beyond a newsletter, so he re-named it �The Antique Lock Collector�. When AJ Hoffman became editor later that year, he brought the publication to a new level, skillfully combining his technical knowledge with interesting historical information. AJ had the ability to produce an article that anyone who read it would enjoy reading and would learn something from it, no matter what level of knowledge the reader had. This approach has now become a goal of the publication.

Currently the lead editor for the �The Antique Lock Collector� is Richard Chenovick, with a different co-editor responsible for each quarterly issue, as shown below:

Michelle Kaye - Editor January - March Issue
Jason Hulin - Editor April - June issue
Richard Chenovick - Editor July - September issue
Jeff Strumberger - Editor October - December issue

This editorial approach has some advantages. Besides the obvious advantage of bringing a broader range of interests to each edition, it provides each editor an entire year to prepare the next issue. This approach results in a high quality publication that keeps our members looking forward to each issue. The editors attempt to include enough variety in each issue so that there is at least one article of interest to every reader. We try to balance two types of information; there is a coverage of current happenings in the world of lock collecting. In addition, we encourage journal type content, research information that is not only interesting, but of permanent value to collectors. We rely heavily on member contributions of pictures and articles on their interests. Our format includes the following features on a more or less regular basis:

The Calendar: Dates and details of all lock shows coming up as far ahead as we can see.

Through the Keyhole: News about Collectors

Candidly Speaking: Editorial

Letters to the Editor: Gripes, Bitches, Kudos and Ataboys.

Show Notes: Photos and comments about the most recent Lock show.

From the Smokie Room: Of interest to smokehouse lock collectors.

Keys: Of interest to key collectors.

Dials, Wheels & Buttons: Of interest to combination lock collectors.

On Track: Of interest to railroad lock and key collectors.

Lock Museums worth Visiting: Reviews of the world�s best lock museums.

Pioneers of Lock Collecting: Profiles of key contributors to lock collecting.

Oddities, Rarities & �One-of-a-Kinds�: Unusual locks and keys.

Tech Center: Technical details on locks, restorations, and key making.

Flimflams and Rip-offs: Exposing cheats, old & new (heavy traffic these days).

Keyboard and Bookshelf: Book reviews and listings, pointers to lockations on the web.

The Market Watch: Recent on-line lock and key sale prices realized.

The Fine Print: Who to contact and general information.

Membership Changes: Address changes, new members, corrections.

Roster: Complete list of members with interests & addresses, printed in every April issue.

Lock Ads: Buy, sell, trade - Free to members.

And much, much more.


Limited numbers of printed back issues are available for $5.00 each, post paid.

A CD containing a fully-searchable PDF version of all the back issues is available, updated annually. The CD is $35.00 post paid. In addition to all of the back issues, the CD contains a cumulative index for all of the issues and a cumulative Market Watch.
To order, or to obtain more information, contact Richard Chenovick at rchenovick@cox.net